Visibility is a superpower

Bennu empowers engineering leaders with real-time visibility and communication tools for SWEs.

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Integrations with your engineering workflow

Status Updates

Bennu automatically summarizes your team’s work from tools like Github and Jira so that you can unblock and support as needed. Imagine knowing who needs support, before you go to standup.

Give ICs tools to quickly share rich updates in Slack

Get the highlights without searching through all your tabs

Give direct, timely feedback on specific contributions

Lead performance conversations when it matters, not just in January

Empower engineers with communication

Bennu brings together siloed data points from across your SaaS stack to help every engineer communicate better.

Standup and 1-on-1s can be fully conducted in Slack using the Bennu app

Bennu automatically collects work items for ICs to communicate at standup, 1-on-1s, and career conversations

Bennu's communication tools provide fully linked work contributions, so that you can have a discussion without searching for ticket IDs

With Bennu, ICs set goals throughout the year and track ongoing examples of progress as they develop their skills and careers

One Dashboard for the Whole Team

Instead of chasing down information in every SaaS tool in your stack, Bennu gives you one dashboard for your delivery KPIs.

Get a bird’s eye view of your team and what they’re working on

Strategically distribute work across teams and projects

Understand how your team's work breaks down across feature work, bugs, and technical debt

Get a richer, more nuanced understanding of strategic blockers by knowing where to double click