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Bennu empowers engineering teams with modern management workflows and automatic work detection.

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Integrations with your engineering workflow

Status Updates

Bennu automatically summarizes your team’s work from tools like Github and Slack so that you can focus 1-on-1 meetings on substance. Imagine meeting prep that takes less time, and better meetings too.

Bennu helps ICs prepare beforehand so that your meetings together are efficient and effective

Get only the highlights of what you need to know

Give direct, timely feedback on specific contributions

Lead performance conversations when it matters, not just in January

Be More Efficient

When it comes time for a performance review, you’ll already know what your team has been doing. Bennu curates progress and key milestones so performance review conversations are more comprehensive.

Bennu automatically collects work items for ICs to curate and present, so that you can fairly reward people for actual impact

Let your ICs surface key information and milestones to you

Help your ICs set individual goals throughout the year and create opportunities to talk about how you can support their growth

Empower your ICs with the tools to create their own hype docs

One Dashboard for the Whole Team

Bennu brings together siloed data points from across your SaaS stack so that you can deliver ongoing feedback to every engineer. Instead of chasing down information from person to person, Bennu gives you one dashboard to rely on.

Get a bird’s eye view of your team and what they’re working on

Shared visibility helps you have a substantive conversation and give higher quality feedback

Identify the right peers for feedback with automatic collaborator detection

Deepen relationships with your team by getting a more nuanced understanding of how their goals and aspirations relate to projects and OKRs