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Announcing Private Beta

Written by 
Brenda Jin

Today, we’re excited to announce Private Beta for Bennu’s new performance visibility platform.

Bennu gives the whole engineering team performance visibility—from the CTO who wants a bird’s eye view, to the manager who needs to troubleshoot delivery bottlenecks and coordinate cross-functional projects, to the IC who wants to use their own data to manage their career. 

We noticed a few different things that led us to launching this product. 

  1. The life of an engineering leader is a hectic one

Between managing reports, digging through projects for updates, and pursuing their own career goals, engineering leaders have a lot on their plates. 

Yet many engineering leaders report that their visibility is only decreasing. In our research, this is due to three factors:

  • Proliferation of productivity tools: It takes hours each week to discover what’s happening across the multiple engineering productivity tools that companies now use to manage work.
  • Rapid development cycles: There’s less time for the engineering leader to stay updated as development cycles get faster.
  • Remote & distributed work: It's harder for managers to keep up with employees when there is less in-person collaboration.

Engineering managers say it can take 5 hours every week, if not more, to stay updated on “who’s doing what” and how projects are progressing. Bennu streamlines this process. Our analytics platform allows engineering managers to get a complete picture of how projects are progressing without spending hours in meetings and digging through various productivity tools. With Bennu, leaders can focus on strategic decisions, not micromanagement. They can foster meaningful collaboration, rather than shallow status updates.

  1. Gen Z and millenials care about career progression more than previous generations

The next generations are hyper aware of what they need to do to get to the next level. According to a survey done by Monster, 76% of Gen Z respondents said they feel responsible for driving their career. 58% also said they’d be willing to work nights and weekends for higher pay. Monster also found that 72% of Millennials value opportunities for career advancement. 

In summary, these generations are extremely hard working and seek out opportunities to drive their career forward. 

A fundamental shift is already underway as employees prioritize workplaces where they can advance their careers. That’s why we built Bennu with the Individual Contributor in mind. ICs should not be left out when engineering organizations shift to a data-driven performance culture. With Bennu, they can track their accomplishments and easily curate their contributions for other business processes, like performance reviews and OKRs. 

Bennu Career docs enable engineers to search and present their contributions
Bennu's performance visibility platform helps ICs track their accomplishments and curate their contributions for other business processes, like performance reviews and OKRs. 

We’re proud to deliver a performance visibility platform that helps everyone on an engineering team—from the CTO to the IC. We’re paving the way towards a more integrated and aligned workforce, and we are thrilled to work with customers who see things the same way.

Interested in giving your engineering organization data-driven performance visibility from CTO to IC? Get in touch!

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