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Supporting Open Source Projects

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Bennu Team

Announcing Bennu's new free plan for open source projects

At Bennu, we’re huge fans of transparency. We believe that a visibility platform shouldn’t just benefit executives—it should benefit the whole team. We love how transparency is exemplified in the OSS ecosystem, which enables developers around the world to openly collaborate, research, experiment, and learn. 

That’s why we’re proud to announce that Bennu’s new performance visibility platform is free for open source projects and teams. 

With Bennu, your working group will be able to:

  • Understand how initiatives are going
  • Identify where projects are getting stuck
  • Share asynchronous updates using Bennu’s communication tools

Our performance visibility tool enables team members to get a bird’s eye view of everything being worked on, creating a more transparent and open culture about projects. 

Teams using Bennu find that increased transparency and open communication contribute to stronger working relationships. In Bennu, transparency fuels every interaction from teamwide performance visibility, to how individuals manage their careers. 

We’re excited for folks building open source software to see how Bennu can help multiple aspects of their organization. When we work in the open, everybody gets a better understanding of what’s happening and how best to contribute their talents to the team. 

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