Engineering Management

Leverage the Team View on Bennu’s performance visibility platform to instantly get a pulse on projects and how they're going.

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A performance visibility platform makes every management process more efficient

Get a bird’s eye view of every project and initiative across your development stack

Dive into any unit of work across all integrations

Spend more time clearing blockers and less time on updates at standups

Add agenda items to discuss at 1-on-1s

Before Bennu

Between cross-functional meetings, project delivery, and coaching reports, engineering leadership is a busy job. Without Bennu, managers:

Spend more time in meeting mode, less time in strategy mode

Team syncs are focused on verbal updates, rather than collaboration and troubleshooting

Spend hours per week searching through productivity tools to get a pulse on the team

After Bennu

Spend less time in meeting mode, more time in strategy mode

Async updates can be fully conducted in Slack using the Bennu app, so meetings can be spent collaborating and troubleshooting

Easily get a high-level overview of work in progress and how the team is doing

Spend more time collaborating, less time syncing
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